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A trip to Paris is always new, like you’ve never been there before. Every city has secrets, hidden bakeries, cafes, vintage stores, the aromas of baguettes and coffee, lithe Parisian beauties in haute couture and lilting unforgettable perfumes. It is the City of Love for a reason! Paris is couturier Seema Gujral’s favourite city, a place she finds solace and inspiration. Paris as a city is a perfect blend of grand architectural masterpieces and regal heritage, so every corner holds treasures of ideas that only a designer can see and absorb.

This sparkling new collection captures all the romance of a glittering Paris at night, these ensembles have modern silhouettes, a little less flair and a lot more elegance, dramatic mid-thigh slits, eclectic bolero jackets, all embellished with sequin and crystal embroidery. A completely contemporary collection in terms of colours and styles, couturier Seema Gujral has pushed the envelope with these ensembles, each piece is fresh, romantic and elevated. The USP of this collection is the skirts that feature column frames, slits and heavy embellishments. With this collection the label is going trendier, lighter with the usual style of embroideries with an aim to appeal to not only the modern bride but to her friends and family too.