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NOVEMBER 2022: Couturier Seema Gujral launches ‘Night at the Opera’, a beautiful story of an evening at the Broadway, a night at the Opera in style and glamour. 


The timelessness of this Winter Festive collection stands out through handcrafted, intricate embroidery work using pearls, sequin, bugle beads in assorted shapes and sizes. With stunning embellishments, bold motifs and three-dimensional embroidery, every piece is compelling and dazzling. The ensembles in this collection are Inspired by the opera, where every piece is dramatic and extravagant.


Seema Gujral’s ‘Night at the Opera’ is a perfect combination of contemporary and modern silhouettes amalgamated with the sophistication of bygone eras of jazz and opera evenings. ‘Night at the Opera’ is a symphony of contemporary styles, handcrafted beauty and the charm of festive celebrations. The silhouettes for the season are appealing blouses and dazzling lehengas, complementing all shapes and sizes.


Speaking about the Winter Festive collection, Couturier Seema Gujral said “I am thrilled to invite you to our ‘Night at the Opera’. Through this collection I have tried to incorporate my love for contemporary silhouettes through detailed embroideries and patterns making each piece a collectible set across a timeless era. Seen through the evenings at Broadway and the Royal Opera, these silhouettes take you back in time yet are rooted in modernity. The collection is inspired by the new age women who tend to shine through each and every time, and so should their outfit.”